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SMS2 Tilt Switch with Wear Paddle

SMS-2 Heavy Duty Probe with Wear Paddle for solids over 50mm, Black Nylon Coated Mild Steel, 360mm long, 43mm diameter. The unit is supplied complete with 5m of high quality, abrasion resistant cable.

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360mm long Tilt Switch with a precision mercury switch that is actuated when the switch is tilted 15 degrees or more from its vertical position, irrespective of the direction of movement. The switch has a normally closed contact and movement of the probe causes this contact to open.

The mercury switch is a metal, sealed, device that is then encapsulated within different assemblies to provide probes for a range of materials and applications.

Applications include:

  • High level detection of solids and liquids in storage bins and tanks.
  • Blocked chute detection.
  • Flow – No Flow indication of materials on a conveyor belt.
  • Over height detection of material on a conveyor belt.
  • Belt Tracking indication.
  • Material level detection for stacking conveyors.
  • Travel Limit detection for conveyors and tripper cars.
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